The Delphi Conversations 2017

The “DELPHI CONVERSATIONS” series is a combination of urbanism issues that will tackle design and planning for social diversity, i.e. the different ways that public space enables (or hinders) social diversity.

The conversations touch upon a bit on the ways that residence-based diversity complicates public space — sometimes successful, sometimes not, also conception of public space and value of public space for cities and residents and finally conversations will turn to how to explore, observe and improve urban spaces, through the art of observational urbanism with special focus on public spaces; all in a free-flowing 1.5h conversation.

The roundtable discussion is an opportunity for the participants to get together in an informal setting to examine issues of urbanism as they relate to their specific interest, practice and -or research. There is no formal agenda: The participants determine the discussion points as we go along but the moderator will have some key themes for discussion.