| MILAN | 2014

Noero Architects, Wolff Architects, ASA studio, NLÉ
organised by Luca Molinari

“To mark the occasion the Fuorisalone event, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti and Iris Ceramica present TOGETHER. THE NEW COMMUNITIES IN AFRICA – Noero Architects, Wolff Architects, ASA studio and NLÉ an exhibition organised by Luca Molinari.

The exhibition which will be held at the SpazioFMGperl’Architettura from 8 to 28 April, in the year Cape Town has been named the World Design Capital, will bring, for the first time to Italy, the vision of four of the best African architect’s firms using the most contemporary language of all: video.

An event that sets out to be a consideration on the ethical and sustainable evolution of the urban scenario. Noero Architects, Wolff Architects, ASA studio and NLÉ are four different organisations in terms of project types and design, yet they share the same human, civil and professional commitment that can be a turning point in the sustainable development of local and global “urban communities”.

As perfectly explained in the word of Kunlé Adeymi, the TOGETHER. THE NEW COMMUNITIES IN AFRICA exhibition will bring to the Furorisalone “one of the fundamental themes of this century: urbanisation. The result is the growing number of ‘megacities’ that are developing on the planet and facing a common challenge. In this context, in the same way that Silicon Valley represents the ‘home’ of new technology, the metropolitan cities in developing countries will provide the rest of the world with new solutions for sustainability and social responsibility… the people who live in these cities have helped us to define a new level of understanding, thanks to their innovative way of living and using spaces, materials and infrastructures. The environment – streets, bridges, sidewalks, raw materials and waste – is acquired, cultivated and re-established to exploit it at best with minimum means. Unique communities and evolved social structures have come to life where people live, work, negotiate and move around in such a rare way that we can hardly see in the so-called civilised world that, ironically enough, is now the part of the world with the slowest development. We believe that these picturesque and frantic realities cherish a solution to some of the major problems that contemporary cities are facing today”. ”

Spazio FMG Per l’ Architettura