5th BMW Foundation Global Table 2015

The rather abstract topics addressed by the Global Table came to life at the Ngorongoro Reservation Area: There, the challenge is to find a balance between promoting safari tourism and protecting its unique wildlife, and to implement good governance that is not prone to corruption, prevents poaching, and represents the interests of the local population.

It was to this place, in northern Tanzania, that the BMW Foundation and the Dar-es-Salaam-based Uongozi Institute had invited the some 25 participants of the 5th BMW Foundation Global Table. Over the course of the two-and-a-half-day meeting, four major topics were addressed through a variety of discussions and platforms. Uniquely, all topics related to specific projects of the Uongozi Institute, with the idea that the results and findings should be incorporated into the work of the institute, which is, among other things, advising the Tanzanian government.

The Uongozi Institute in particular will continue to work with the (preliminary) findings of the working groups. Participants want to publish articles or formulate policy recommendations on several aspects of the issues discussed at the Global Table. The BMW Foundation will continue to follow up on and support these initiatives. Moreover, China’s Silk Road will be a prominent topic at the forthcoming 1st Berlin Global Forum.